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Usually not a fan of body paints, but this is fucking dope!

Jeezus! This is neat…

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Mysterious Giant Hole Appears In Siberia

Seen at Yamal Peninsula which translates to “End of world.”

The images above are from a video taken by a helicopter that shows this mysterious giant hole. The video shows debris with signs of combustion around it. It spans to about 262 feet in diameter. Though an explosion below the ground is currently thought to be the most probable explanation, the date and cause remain unknown. Scientist have ruled out a meteor as being the cause.

Obviously some theories involving strange creatures and UFOs, as expected, have come up as well. This ins’t the first time strange craters have appeared in Siberia.

Patom crater

The Patomskiy crater, Irkutsk region, was also a very similar case which points it to being a geographical situation.